A Beautiful blooming baby bump- Hoboken NJ Maternity Photo session

I am long overdue with this post. In fact It's quite likely that this beautiful Mama has had her baby by now. I really enjoyed spending time with this family and photographing this special moment in their lives. I think this Mom was a bit hesitant to get some Maternity photos as I find most moms are but I'm so glad that she did. She was gorgeous and glowing!  I am constantly amazed at the Miracles our bodies can do! It is such a beautiful thing that we can create and grow life inside of us and I think it's super important to document that time.  As I'm sure you know if you read my previous posts, I had my first son 10 weeks early so I did not get the chance to get this far along in my pregnancy the first time. Because of that, the 2nd time around I think I overcompensated and took a billion Maternity self portraits! It's really caused me to have a much greater appreciation for Maternity Photography.

I decided to show only the Black and White photos for this post. To me they feel more intimate and invoke a mood of quiet anticipation. Also, this little boy had the most stunning light blue eyes which I thought would look best in color but were actually super striking in black and white also.


Hoboken NJ maternity1.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity2.jpg
hoboken Nj Maternity3.jpg
Hoboken maternity4.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity5.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity6.jpg
Hoboken NJ maternity7.jpg
HobokenNJ Maternity9.jpg
Hoboken NJ Maternity8.jpg