Happy Memorial Day 2018

As with Most Holidays these days, Memorial Day has become synonymous with great Sales and consuming lots of food and drink. (why is every holiday about shopping and eating?) Don't get me wrong, I love shopping and eating but It's easy to lose sight of what it's really about which is to remember our fallen soldiers. This Friday, there were some US Marine Air Crafts at the High school which is less than a mile from my house. While we were at the park, they were flying overhead super low.  If I was not in the biggest Photography slump/funk of my life, I would have had my camera with me and would probably have shown you some photos of the boys looking up at the planes. But alas, I did not so I will post some photos of Last 4th of July. Oliver looks so much more grown up this year, its amazing how quickly they grow! I know everyone says that but it's so true. take as many photos as you can right now because in a year they will look completely different.  Enough of my rambling, I hope that everyone is enjoying this long weekend with lots of BBQ and fun with family and friends.