"The letter of the day, Clap Clap" {Hoboken NJ first Birthday Photo Shoot}

  5 1/2 years ago, Ro and I were drinking whisky on a boat in Antarctica marveling at the Ice and Penguins and trying not to get seasick by drinking more whisky. Flash forward to now, with 3 children between us and we are exploring Motherhood which is far a more mysterious and some would say Arduous Expedition than Antarctica. And She, Her Husband and I find ourselves in the middle of a park singing Sesame Street at the top of our lungs, specifically the Letter of the day song to sweet little Nora to get a reaction out of her and I had to stop and think of how far we had come (literally). I often like to send a little message to my former self, like a note in a bottle, with a snapshot of my life now and just imagine what she would think. What a difference 5 years makes, and while I sometimes miss the freedom we had back then, i'm more excited to have some little explorers to show the world to. We have already planned our Kids' wedding in Antarctica so stay tuned for that in like 2048 ;)

  This shoot was actually my first true golden hour shoot. The light is just amazing right before sunset but it sets so late in the summer and is usually past most kids' bedtime. Ro agreed to let Nora stay up a little past her bedtime and I'm so glad she did. She is an absolute living doll and the sun just made a perfect little halo around her angelic face.

  After the shoot, Ro and I went out for a glass of whisky :) Sometimes Motherhood and Antarctic Exploration are really not so different at all.

Hoboken NJ Family Photography.jpg

My Shooting style is really relaxed and I find that people are often super surprised when they see the photos because they didn't realize I was able to get the shots that I did. often times, the kids were crying or not sitting still. I think its because of that notion that everyone has to sit still and stare at the camera in order to get a good photo but it's so the opposite. My favorite photos are from when kids were fussy and a parent comforts them, or when kids are just being themselves, playing and exploring and most of all interacting with their family. I much prefer these honest moments to any super posed photo. If you agree, please reach out to me. I would love to photograph your family!!!