Jockey Hollow NJ Family Photoshoot

My little sister grew up with Sarah so I have known her since we were young and she’s always been like part of the family. when she reached out to see if I would do family photos for her, I got super excited because I knew she would be open to working with my Vision a bit more. She and her family are insanely beautiful and we worked together to style the session and find an awesome location.

Jockey Hollow is a National Historic Park in Morristown, NJ. It used to be the Wick family estate and was used by the Continental Army during the Revolutionary war as a winter encampment. I went to scope it out the day before our shoot and had an entirely different experience than on the day of our shoot! the entire area was cloaked in thick fog, there were no people in sight and it was super creepy! I was walking by the old Wick house and saw a woman in Colonial dress came out and startled me and for a second I thought she was a ghost because there was literally no one around and it was super misty and foggy. but she was real and she was just an actress, LOL. Anyway the next day during our shoot it was a gorgeous and sunny June day and we had no odd colonial people and no fog and we had a gorgeous sunset.

Our shoot was super relaxed which is just how I like it. I do guide families into locations and positions but generally I just have them interact with one another and love on each other as much as possible. we also let the kids run around and play a bunch and I captured a lot of that too. I took an absurd amount of photos with these guys because they are gorgeous and the day was gorgeous and it was one of those things were everything just came together perfectly.

Morristown nj Family Photographer6.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer1.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer10.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer7.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer9.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer12.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer17.jpg
Morristown nj Family Photographer19.jpg

I believe Sarah’s gorgeous 2 piece dress is from Asos and her daughter’s dress is from Target. I absolutely love when moms wear long dresses for a shoot, it creates such beautiful movement as you can see from these photos and adds a mood of romance to the images.

Desirea Corbett