Session Guide


What to Expect….

Welcome! First of all, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. I'm so excited to photograph your family and I aim to honestly capture who you are at this point in your lives. My goal is to keep it fun and relaxed as much as possible. You will probably never hear me say "Smile" or "Say Cheese" although we will probably catch some honest smiles and maybe even some laughter. My goal is not to get stiff portraits of everyone looking at the camera but more relaxed photos that showcase your love.

I will try to get one or two of the traditional photos for you to send to your Aunt Linda but the majority of the shoot will focus on your connection to one another.


Your Kids…..

Your kids are perfect just as they are. I have never had a session where the kids have behaved or sat still the whole time and that's OK! A lot of the photos you see on my site are captured while the kids are playing or exploring. I may play little games with your kids or ask them silly questions to generate some natural reactions. If your little one wants to cry, that's OK too! I will then have you hold them and comfort them and get some shots of those more tender moments. To prepare them, it's best to tell them in advance that a friend is coming and we are going to take some pictures and have fun. This way they are not taken by surprise. It's also best if they are well rested and fed before our session although we can always take snack breaks if you want to bring some dry, non-messy snacks.

Also Please do not yell at your kids during the shoot unless they are headed for danger. I expect them to misbehave and will probably get some really cute and funny shots of them in the process. If you are standing behind me and yelling at them to smile, I guarantee they will not.



My hope for you is that you go home from your session feeling like you just had a fun time with your family. Rather than focus or stress about the photos (that’s my job!) just enjoy one another and think about this amazing love that you have created together.

In the weeks before your shoot, I want you to notice all the little gestures of affection that you give one another on a day to day and keep them in the back of your mind during your shoot. For me, it’s when I brush my fingers through my eldest son’s hair or put my hand on his cheek. for my littlest, we always put our foreheads together and giggle. and this exercise is making me realize that I need to be more affectionate with my Husband because I can’t think of examples for him, Yikes! but you get the idea. I will gently guide you and give you prompts to create moments but these small gestures can help to really personalize your photos. And please don’t feel weird being affectionate in front of me. I’m there to showcase your love.


What to Wear…

Mom, wear something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in and then coordinate the rest of the family from there. For outdoor Nature locations, Long dresses look gorgeous and can create movement in the photos, think flowy and soft. If that is not you, or we are in a more urban setting, short dresses or pants and a top work great too as long as they aren’t too tight or too bright. It’s best to avoid the bright fluorescent colors as the color will bounce onto your family’s skin. If it is an In home newborn session, its best to also avoid red as you will be holding your new babe close and the red will reflect on her skin. Dad’s and boys look great in a simple Henley top or a more relaxed button down but we want to avoid them looking too stiff in a fancier shirt. The key is to coordinate but not match exactly. Layers are also awesome and can add some more dimension. for more outfit inspiration, head over to my Pinterest board and let me know if you want help coordinating outfits for your family. I would be more than happy to help!

Your Photos……

In about 2-3 weeks, you will receive an online gallery with 35+ images. you can share this gallery with friends and family and it will be available to you for one month. The high res digital files can be downloaded directly from your gallery using your secret download pin.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm here to work with you and would love to get to know you as much as we can before your session so that you and your family can relax and enjoy your photo session.